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OverwatchJul 30, 2019 6:00 pm CT

Overwatch becomes a loot-based RPG in this Workshop mode

Loot Quest is an Overwatch Workshop mode that resembles a rudimentary single player RPG. It has levels, loot, and various enemies to defeat. It does a lot with little in Blizzard’s shooter engine, and although it’s not going to rival a Borderlands, it’s still fun to try.

Workshop creator Delwion put together an extensive mode that includes a lot of what you’d expect out of an RPG. You enter the game as Tracer and are level one. You defeat randomly spawning enemies in your chosen map — I played Eichenwalde — and earn money and loot. You can spend the money in the spawn room to buy loot or summon a boss. And the loot you can pick up with your crouch button.

The items in Loot Quest are just heroes that you can swap to. You start as a Tracer without any abilities except her Pulse Pistols, but you can pick up Symmetra with her turrets enabled or a full-health D.Va mech. The items are all given a power level so you know whether or not they’re an upgrade. You also have a chance at getting high-quality items that jump up in power level.

From what I played, the mode isn’t too challenging. Enemies get more tough the further away you get from your spawn room. The Roadhogs near the spawn door would only hook and heal, but the Roadhogs further away would move around quickly and use their Ultimate. Because they’re bots their shots and damage can be kind of random, but it doesn’t feel that different from being attacked by enemies in WoW.

The biggest problem is that some heroes are kind of unbalanced. If you have somewhat good aim, a power level 10 McCree item is going to be better than a power level 20 D.Va. I’m sure that eventually your heroes start to deal way more damage than they’re supposed to, but if you’re good at hitting headshots, the hitscan heroes will be pretty strong.

The other issue is that the game eventually ends and resets your progress. You can “save” your progress with a special button in the spawn room, but it makes you input a super long code and it’s kind of tedious. It seems like this mode is better played with a bunch of friends maybe as a one-off event. It’s definitely something fun to do while you’re waiting for people to log on or want to chill out after some normal games.

If you want to play it yourself, visit the Workshop page or the forum page for more info — you’ll need it. The Workshop code is CY21Q. And if you’re looking for more Workshop modes to try, consider giving this amazing aim trainer a shot!

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